Emotion Unboxed Contest

Unbox, Emote, Win!

Share the exhilarating moment of unboxing or your immediate reactions when receiving our product in "Emotion Unboxed" Contest. Express joy, surprise, or any emotion that comes naturally. Your authentic response could lead you to exciting prizes. Join us now and let your emotions flow! 📦😄🏆


Prizes for winners:

Winner: Get a FREE item (T-shirt, Mug, Hawaiian Shirt )
Runner up: A voucher of 50% OFF (T-shirtMugHawaiian Shirt )


Time: From now until Sep 30th

⏰ The winner will be announced on Oct 3rd, 2023


Here's how to enter for the contest

Step 1: Join our Family facebook.com/groups/geckocustomfamily

Step 2: Tell us what you think about our product geckocustom.com/pages/reviews

Step 3: Share your happy moment on our FB group and hashtag #geckocustom

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* Tip: Ask your friends to vote for you to have a higher chance to win

The one with the highest points will be crowned the winner! 🎉🏆